Smart Flashcards for Curious Kids

Merging the digital with the physical, utilizing the latest advances in technology, we paired an age old way of learning - flashcards - with artificial intelligence and image recognition.


What We Do:

Design, Concept, Strategy, User Interface and Experience, Naming and Branding Visual Design, Product Video, Photography, and Website Development.

Select Press:

Forbes: Smart Flash Cards To Help Kids Teach Themselves


The Problem

Flashcards are an amazing educational tool, but the flashcards currently available are poorly designed, made with extremely low quality materials, and are often unfocused and confusing in their educational value. Not only that, they fail to inspire confidence or independence and are a missed opportunity to help children learn.

The Solution

We completely redesigned the flashcard experience, using high quality materials, a tried-and-tested educational philosophy (Montessori), and we even figured out a better way to present the educational content: by focusing on one subject matter at a time.

Personalized Learning

We took our design experience, our educational background, and our technological know-how to bring flashcards into the future. Using image recognition and augmented reality, we took personalized learning to a new level.


Product Extensions

For the launch of Tooder, we created a limited edition set of custom pins.

Bobby George