Statement of Purpose

As products are constantly being perfected, made faster, lighter, smarter, there’s also a growing resistance to slow down, to feel the heft and weight of things, to better understand how products are actually made and how they intersect our lives.

While the social and digital space expands at a seemingly breakneck clip, there’s also an emerging counter culture, one that takes pause and puzzles over this inexplicable growth.

We embrace this discordance.

We’re early adopters of tech, roaming around the interwebs with an undistracted eye. We build brands, websites and apps and create videos and photographs, thinking carefully about the user experience and journey.

At the same time, we’re purveyors of another sort of craftsmanship. We rip things apart with our bare hands to see what holds them together at the seams. We build products that create solutions for companies

We make anything that inspires us to learn.

Pupil is a studio for discovery. We’re committed to the idea that to grow is to learn and the only way to truly learn is to experiment, even on yourself.*



1. Creativity needs constraints

2. Experiment with everything

3. Rationality is a construct

4. Mistakes hold knowledge

5. Collaborate sundrily

6. Find inspiration everywhere

7. Listen to the process

8. Create quickly and carefully

9. The materials are the medium

10. Keep fucking going.

Bobby George